What  are WFH and WFO?

WFH or “Work from home” simply means employees are allowed to work and report from their homes, rather than coming to offices for working.

WFO or “Work from offices” is much more wells structured and well organized. Employees are bound to work under specific norms, rules and regulations, within a specific time frame, with constricted access to office equipments and also have to maintain an organizational culture.

How concept of Work from home evolved?

The concept of remote working come into picture in 1942 after invention of world’s first digital computer and it gave an opportunity to housewives of post-world war era to earn and support their family by working from home.

Jobseekers have started searching for work from home job opportunities. According to Financial Express, the searches for remote work opportunities have increased over 377 percent during February to May 2020 across the country.

This information gives us a rough prediction of future scenario of business environment and organizational structure. The demands for “work from home” facilities are going to increase. But how companies can allow all the employees to work from home for all time? An office environment is very necessary to engage employees in their work as it provides a suitable place for team work, social interaction, creativity and learning. Work from home has several consequences. No matter how much our internet service has improved, almost every employee suffers from connectivity problem, low bandwidth, poor sound quality, buffering and so on while video-conferencing or teleconferencing from home. Also, our work environment is surrounded with household problems and disturbances from children, pets and family members, which are the main cause of poor performance of employees during this time. Now, measuring performance of remote employees also become a challenge for HR mangers, as it is very hard to even identify who is sincerely attending meetings. The absence of formal company culture, social interactions with colleagues and teammates, supervision from seniors are reducing productivity of employees. So, a balance is needed. No matter, whether companies prefer WFH or WFO, the most important responsibility of every individual is to maintain hygiene whether at office or at home. During this pandemic, when increasing number of deaths panicking us, a lot of ways are also there to keep our surrounding clean and hygienic and save our closed ones from being infected by the virus. Xynol comes up with a range of high quality and scientifically produced hygiene care products at affordable price such as:

  • Sterile 270, which is a disinfectant can be used to sanitize the whole office premise. It is a high concentration admixture of Glycol-based fluid blended with potent complying with WHO norms. It has a unique capacity to reach-out to unserviceable areas and is also safe for any industry.
  • A habit of using Xynol handwash with regular interval can reduce the possibility of getting infected by the germs. These handwashes have good anti-bacterial properties and make your hands soft and smooth with every wash.
  • Keeping Xynol hand sanitizer during travelling and working in the office is the best way to keep you protected. This sanitizer gel can kill broad spectrum of micro-organisms up to 99.99%, without water in only fifteen seconds.
  • Xynol Multi-surface cleaner can also be good remedy for killing germs from surfaces. It can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria even when diluted.
  • Hyposol is another WHO recommended disinfectant formulation which can kill bacteria from different indoor and outdoor surfaces.

    Everyone loves to be appraised for their performance. Good performance comes from improved productivity. Your productivity will increase when you are healthy. You will be physically and mentally fit when you take care of your personal hygiene and also when your workplace, whether it is office or your own living room is safe and hygienic.

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