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Gentle Handwash

XYNOL® Glycerin Hand Wash is a mild, 'skin friendly' hand cleaning gel with fresh fragrance. With its rich, smooth, luxurious lather, new XYNOL®Glycerin Hand Wash incorporates special toiletry grade surfactants to lift dirt into suspension, a highly efficient moisturizer which is readily absorbed into the skin to help prevent dryness and now also contains a powerful bactericide with a residual action, to kill the many bacteria with which our hands come into contact every day. These bacteria are the cause of colds, sickness, food poisoning and dermatitis and can also turn cuts and grazes septic.

Regular use of new XYNOL®Glycerin Hand Wash increases the strength of this bactericidal action, due to the residual effect, giving enhanced protection against germs for up to two hours after washing.

Features of XYNOL® Glycerin Hand Wash

  • Surfactants
  • Moisturizer
  • Bactericide
  • Skin Friendly Formulation
  • Fresh Fragrance

XYNOL®Glycerin Hand Wash is ideal for use in offices, canteens, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and in all washrooms and toilets. It can be used in most dispensers and is also suitable as a body shampoo for use in after work shower areas.

Benefits of XYNOL® - Glycerin Hand Wash

  • Lift the dirt into suspension for more effective cleaning
  • Readily absorbed into the skin to help prevent dryness
  • Kills bacteria and remains active for up to 2 hours after washing
  • Neutral pH, high quality, non greasy, mild and safe in use
  • Leaves your hands smelling fresh and feeling smooth

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