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550 ml.,5 Ltr.

Glass Cleaner

Window & Glass Cleaner With Protective Silicon Coating XYNOL® Glass Cleaner is a superb glass cleaner for windows, mirrors, venetian blinds, plastics, tiles, ceramics and most surfaces.

XYNOL® Glass Cleaner has been designed as an efficient and effective cleaner for windows and glass surfaces. It can be used on venetian blinds, plastics, tiles and most shiny surfaces.

The special polish present in XYNOL® Glass Cleaner imparts an outstanding sparkle to glass, resists re-soiling and misting in humid conditions.

Features of XYNOL® Glass Cleaner :

Highly active ingredients

Anti-static properties

Non-toxic formulation

Sugar soap-free formula

Benefits of using XYNOL® Glass Cleaner Dissolves dirt, traffic, film, finger marks, waxes and bugs. Helps repel dust, dirt, smudges & fingerprints. Safe to use. No hard rubbing - reduces labor time.