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500 ml.,5 Ltr.

Dish Wash

DISH WASH Dish Wash is an Ideal solution for Ultrasonic Dish Washing Machines Xynol Dish Wash is a powerful household cleaner with strong formula & its smart spray dispenser releases micro-bubbles to dissolve grease and germs in just a couple of sprays. Among other ingredients is a potent antibacterial element that easily deals with even the toughest of bacteria.

• Xynol provides you holistic protection as it easily cleans grease and residual odor leaving your utensils clean with Pleasant aroma.

• Proven to kill up to 99% germs. • Its unique formula makes it eco friendly, non messy and gentle to the skin

• It’s high grease dissolving power and quick dry formula make Xynol a superior cleanser.

• It is an Idle solution for Ultrasonic Dish Washing Machines